Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay - where do you want to start?

Here's a man who:

1. Had to run for President because his first term as Senator was
almost finished and he already knew he could not be re-elected, no matter how many dead babies he channeled.

2. Couldn't carry his own home state in the 2004 election.

3. Garnered what - 13 delegates - during a very lengthy and expensive presidential primary campaign in 2008?

4. Has a wife who is battling [probably] terminal cancer and 2 little kids at home. I'm not a fan of Elizabeth Edwards but she has been married to the Breck Girl for 30 years and at this stage of life, she certainly deserves his full attention.

5. Not only does Edwards deny that he's having an affair but persuades a 41-year-old married campaign staffer to take the hit - even to the point of having the baby momma move into the same gated community where his own family lives and his wife is OKAY with it?
Yeah, right!

And then we come to the final farcical denouement when he sneaks into the Beverly Hilton to visit his paramour and their infant child at 9-ish and leaves at 2:45 a.m. when he is spotted by 2 National Enquirer reporters and he runs into a service hallway bathroom to hide! Then he calls Security to come rescue him and wants the 2 reporters arrested but Security can't do that because THE REPORTERS ARE REGISTERED GUESTS of the hotel. Could this whole episode be any more stupid? No self-respecting sit com would permit a story line like that.

This hypocritical horndog just coincidentally has joined Rev. Wright, Obama's grandmother, Rezko and heaven knows who else under the Obama bad associations bus (a large but hardly exclusive group) and is no longer under consideration as a vice presidential running mate for Bambi. My question is - why was he or even was he under consideration and what does THAT say about the Obamamessiah's judgment or lack thereof!

And MSM goes merrily on its way, whistling loudly past the graveyard.

Just move along folks. Nothing to see here!

Finally, when NATIONAL ENQUIRER does better research and follow-up
than the New York Times or the L.A. Times or CNN or any of the others, what have we come to as a nation? Dear merciful heavens.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Senator John McCain has been, for a number of years, a friend of some of my family members. So one would assume, albeit incorrectly, that I’d be quite supportive of Senator McCain’s candidacy for Commander in Chief. However, now that the choice has been presumptively determined, I must with great reluctance support Senator John McCain in the November, 2008 election. And following are my reasons:

1) Senator McCain, while unreliable from the conservative’s standpoint in almost every other area, is completely reliable when it comes to defending our nation. His presumptive opponent? Not so much! Senator Obama has even gone so far as to say that even knowing what he knows now about the undeniable and substantial success of the surge, he wouldn’t have voted for it. We do not need a president who is willing to pick up his skirts and run away when the going gets tough. We DO however need a president with the tenacity to endure no matter how difficult and that man is Senator John McCain of Arizona, as has been well documented.

2) Senator McCain is not a candidate who takes credit for the legislative accomplishments of others. He does not, as does his presumptive opponent, claim to have “passed a law” on any number of matters – when in fact he was not on the committee that brought the bill to the floor of the Senate, was not present when it was voted upon, nor is his name anywhere to be found on the bill in question. There is a name for Senator Obama’s repeated false claims. It is called LYING. It is what Senator Obama seems to do best. We don't need William Jefferson Clinton redux.

3) Senator McCain has many shortcomings, there is no doubt. And for a great many conservatives, his liberal leanings are indigestible. But at least, to his enormous credit, Senator McCain has no interest in creating a national police force, as has been intimated by this quote from Senator Obama:

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

4) Whatever failings Senator McCain possesses (and I will not dispute that he has them in abundance), I do not believe that our Republic can or would be destroyed by his presidency. I do believe that the unqualified, incompetent, unfit for public office of any kind Senator Barack Hussein Obama would be an error from which we could not easily recover and it would be an error far beyond the egregious malfeasance of the Carter administration, which set in motion the current stresses being experienced by the United States throughout the world.

What I am saying is, you disaffected conservatives who are grousing about the presumptive Republican candidate need to look at the big picture. And the big picture is, if you aren’t part of the solution to the grave national danger posed by Barack Hussein Obama, then you have nobody to blame but yourselves if this calamitous candidate makes it to the highest office in our land. John McCain is far from perfect but that being said, he’s far better than the alternative in almost every respect.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whoopdeedoo! So the National Enquirer apparently “caught” former Senator John Edwards sneaking into and out of a Los Angeles hotel where his purported “mistress” Rielle Hunter was allegedly staying under an assumed name.

Notice the qualifications attached to a lot of that because those caveats are important. This is the typical Clinton machine footprint. What we have here is someone (Edwards) that the Clintons have decided was “disloyal” because he endorsed Barack Hussein Obama rather than Hillary. He is (or was) widely believed to be on Senator Obama’s “short list” of vice presidential candidates, although I find that hard to believe. Surely Senator Obama isn’t THAT stupid – John Edwards would have lost reelection to the Senate after only one term in office had he not opted to be John Kerry’s running mate, and furthermore, he couldn’t even carry the state of North Carolina in the 2004 election.

Nevertheless, in late 2007 the National Enquirer published a story about Rielle “carrying Edwards' love child” (and how florid is THAT language – I mean really). Both Edwards and Rielle denied the story vehemently, Edward affirmed in no uncertain terms his love for his wife Elizabeth, and strangely, another married man (a friend of Edwards) came forward and claimed that the child was HIS.

The National Enquirer is bulldog determination in spades, but would they have continued to pursue this story without some other agenda in mind? Could it be that somehow, in some frighteningly Clintonian fashion the Clintons had ascertained that Senator Obama WAS in fact considering John Edwards as his running mate?

What is most troubling to me is this continued climate of “gotcha” by which candidates are not judged by their proposed agenda, but rather are stalked by those whose primary aim is to put into question − rightly or not − the character of the candidate. And presumably this is all happening under the aegis of two people for whom character matters not at all. Make no mistake, for Bill and Hillary Clinton power is the ONLY agenda. And nothing and nobody can prevail should they impede their path to that goal!

Look, as far as I’m concerned, John Edwards is such a cipher that his fate matters not one whit to me. He’s a phony populist and defines the word “shallow” and “self-serving”. It is, rather, the continuing politics of personal destruction that troubles me greatly. When does it stop? And how do we make it stop sooner rather than later?

For our nation’s benefit, stopping this kind of trash is imperative. I'm also intrigued by the utter silence of the mainstream media on the entire subject - - not surprised, mind you, but nevertheless intrigued!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


There is an epidemic in this nation: far too many cities (led by Nanny Bloomberg of New York City) have clearly lost their mind! Now it's Los Angeles which at least is finally displaying itself proudly as the shallow, empty-headed hedonistic sinkhole it has always been!

While some cities have bans on new fast-food establishments, they typically are for aesthetic reasons or to protect local businesses. Ms. Perry's initiative seems to be a rare instance in which a major city brings health issues into restaurant zoning. The fast-food ban would last a year, although Ms. Perry hopes to make it permanent. On Tuesday, a committee will make a recommendation on the measure before sending it on to the full city council for a vote.

And this is somehow helpful because?

This is America, you nitwits! Americans have minds and wills of their own. Acting as though we are clueless twits unable to make rational judgments about the food we eat is about as condescending and insulting as anything I can think of.

When is this nonsense going to end? We are moving into a society where the great guru (Obamamessiash?) will do our thinking for us and direct our lives “for our own good” and perform all decision-making functions of all humans within our borders, whilst we become robotic automatons, no longer required or expected to think cogently.

Is this what the Founders have in mind? Somehow I doubt it!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Just when I thought Senator Obama was planning “Jimmy Carter – Part Deux”, he comes up with this clanger!

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Aside from the fact that the intended import of this quotation is unclear in many respects, in my eyes (at least I hope the Senator doesn't mean this the way it sounds), one could deduce that the Obamamessiah has every intention of establishing a national police force – eerily akin to those that have existed in totalitarian regimes worldwide (past and present) and frighteningly reminiscent of the Nazi-era SS - which, for my sins, I am old enough to remember! This may not be the senator’s intent – but that’s what it sounds like and frankly, it’s time once again for the true change we can believe in – that of the Senator changing his mind as he has done so frequently of late. This is America you leftwing crackpot and we don't need that kind of nonsense in this Republic.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Displaying an absolutely astounding disconnect from reality, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, yesterday displayed incredible chutzpah:

President Bush has been a "total failure" in everything from the economy to the war to energy policy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday. In an interview on CNN, the California Democrat was asked to respond to video of the president criticizing the Democratic-led Congress for heading into the final 26 days of the legislative session without having passed a single government spending bill.

What part of 9% approval rating do you not understand Nancy? Do you not realize that if you were having to work in an actual job, your performance would have already resulted in your unemployment AND unemployability?

What I do not understand, truly I do not, is why the districts from which these mental midgets are sent to Congress continue to re-elect them. They are incompetent, unintelligent jokes!

AT 9% - GOING FOR 5%!

Senator Carl Levin wants to revoke the U.S. banking license of the Swiss giant UBS. Why, you ask? Well it seems that, horror of horrors, UBS insists on conforming to SWISS banking laws, concealing funds of depositors from the acquisitive and oh-so-greedy hands of tax mad Democrats in Congress, particularly Senator Carl Levin who believes, as do so many of his brethren in the Democratic Party (and a lot of left leaning RINOs as well) that people who earn large sums of money have absolutely no right to keep their money! After all, there are all those social engineering programs (which never succeed) that require funding. Senator Levin just cannot understand why the EARNER of the wealth is unwilling to squander said wealth on the feckless and non-productive! Senator Levin is a trifling fool!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nobody could have said it better: The Very Rev. David M. O'Connell, president of Catholic University, told the mourners: "The measure of this man's life can be found in his character, in his optimism, in his joy and humor, in his courage, in his passion for what was good and right, and in his love for God and family and neighbor and country. Tony Snow did not need a long life for us to measure. It was, rather, we who needed his life to be longer."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It was reported on the Web that President Bush has asserted executive privilege to prevent Attorney General Michael Mukasey from having to comply with a House panel subpoena for material on the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity.

* * *
Among the documents sought by House Oversight Chairman Henry Waxman are FBI interviews of Vice President Dick Cheney.
* * *

I am going to save Rep. Henry Waxman a lot of time and a lot of MY money by giving him all the answers he needs: Richard Armitage leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press and even that was not in any way a violation of Federal law, since ole Valerie wasn't undercover at all - except (shudder) with Joe Wilson, her husband!

I'm just wondering if the various members of the U.S. Congress are attempting to set new (low) standards for themselves. They are at 9% approval now. Are they trying for 4%? It's the only explanation for their neverending whacking at an already deceased equine!


Either people have become considerably more rude or I’m just more aware of it. As an example, at the Metro Center station where I catch the Metro train to my office, there is an ultra wide stairway that is divided into 3 sections. Inevitably when I am heading for the train that brings me to my office, I have difficulty walking DOWN the stairs because hordes of people recently departed from other trains, are pouring UP the entire 3 sections of staircase, heads down, iPods (Lord I hate those things) plugged into their ears and courtesy a foreign concept. It apparently never occurs to them that someone might want to walk down! Yesterday morning I was halfway down the stairs when some yuppie decided the woman ahead of him wasn’t climbing the stairs fast enough and moved out directly in front of me intending to pass her. He very nearly knocked me down and I was sorely tempted to smack him upside the head − but refrained. I don’t have sufficient time left on earth to spend any of it chastising rude people. And I’m not sure I know anyone with sufficient bail money!

On another topic, do women consider what they will be doing on any given day before selecting their outfits? I’m thinking that women well provided for in the booty department ought not be wearing ultra mini skirts, particularly if they ride a lot of upward bound escalators. And who has been spreading the fiction that if you wear your clothing tight enough, you’ll look thinner?

You are sitting at an intersection, 5th car from the signal. The light is red. Do you really think blowing your car’s horn is going to change those 2 circumstances? Or do you just like to annoy people?

You are a tourist visiting Washington, D.C. with your 2 wee children. Surely the quantity and reckless quality of the prevailing traffic must come to your attention. The District sure isn’t Boise! Why then are you allowing your small ones to run around like maniacs on the congested streets (and sidewalks), running the risk of knocking some hapless office worker (like me) out into traffic or, worse yet, darting out into traffic themselves? What I’m saying folks is – try to exercise minimal standards of common sense and enough awareness of your surroundings to ensure your own safety.

Life can be, and often is, a frustrating and stressful experience. But if you are a person who actually is present in your own life, maybe you can reduce your own burden. Just a thought! I’m attempting to form the habit of being more filled with joy and less critical of others – both in life and online. Walking around this town makes it more difficult than one would expect!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Since learning of the death of the justifiably beloved Tony Snow on Saturday morning, I have watched with sadness, appreciation, horror and outright rage some of the obituaries, commentary and blog posts concerning the late Mr. Snow.

Because I respect and admire the late Mr. Snow’s graciousness and lack of rancor, I am going to attempt to refrain from responding in kind to the likes of the Associated Press “hit job”, the L.A. Times’ ghastly comments (and we saw only the ones the moderator let through), the vile trash talk on the Huffington Post (which Ariana Huffington finally had the [minimal] class to remove entirely) – none of it was even remotely appropriate and it has generated some responses in kind on Fox News. I suspect Tony Snow would not have wanted that. In fact, I very much suspect he would have laughed off the nastiness abounding, except for any hurt being done to his family. Nor would he have totally approved of the rancor being displayed by Bill O’Reilly – no model of temperate journalism these days!

I’ve said this before but it bears repetition. I was originally trained as a journalist in the very early 60s at The Ohio State University which, then and now, has a well regarded j-school. Then and now, Columbus, Ohio was possessed of a daily newspaper which, while slightly above the level of “yellow” journalism, did not and still does not (my opinion) produce the most high quality product a lot of the time, hence its nickname at OSU of The Columbus “Disgust”. I say this with sorrow, not anger. However, these days, in comparison to the AP, the L.A. Times and the comments found (before their deletion) at the Huffington Post, the Columbus Dispatch stands as a model of journalistic excellence and restraint. The Dispatch has improved some, the others mentioned have deteriorated greatly.

How did we come to this? When did someone decide that the messenger was more important than the message? When did the point of view of the messenger become more important than the facts or fair play? When did someone decide that anyone who doesn’t agree with ONE'S OWN point of view is inherently evil? When did we lose our national sense of humor – a quality which once distinguished this nation in a very favorable way from many others, particularly those of the totalitarian persuasion. When did we lose our joy?

We walk this earth only a short space of time. As a Catholic, I know for sure there is another act in this life of ours and with all my soul I know that Tony Snow is beginning to enjoy his well-earned rest. For his widow and his children, there can only be the deepest sense of loss. This was a man who was so present in every moment of his life, the vacancy created in their lives with his death must be almost impossible to endure. So I ask that we all pray for their healing and strength, for his soul’s peaceful transition and that we examine our own hearts to excise any bitterness, animosity and anger that may have lodged there before going forth in our own lives with some of the integrity, ethics, humor and joy of our departed example of how to live: the late and much lamented Tony Snow.

I know I will remain "cranky" - that's a function of my advancing age and my genetic predisposition. But I am going to make every effort to maintain a positive demeanor on this blog, although as this election cycle wears on, I may find it necessary to at least resort to stringency at the very least!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Snob Extraordinaire!

Senator Obama is apparently quite disturbed that 300 million Americans – who rarely find any reason to leave this beautiful land of ours – aren’t as fluent as his highfaluting European buddies in multiple languages. Of course, despite politically correct “press 1 for English” nonsense, the language of this nation since it’s founding has been English. And in Europe, particularly since the inception of the EU (a bad idea whose time has come and should be going), it’s actually pretty important to speak multiple languages because people are consistently crossing borders. In addition, why on earth would any sane American want to go visit France, Belgium or any other European nation that makes it a habit to look down their noses at Americans, except at those times when their country has been invaded and they (again) need our help!

Methinks the Senator is an arrogant, boorish snob who ought to be retired to the back benches of political life in perpetuity. It is certainment that he is unqualified, incompetent and utterly unfit to serve as President of the United States of America. In point of fact, based on his track record over the past 3 years, he’s doing a piss poor job as Senator from Illinois!

Furthermore, next time Germany invades any of all y’all – dazzle them with your linguistic skills and your fine cuisine and leave us the hell alone!

NOTE: And just as an aside, any politician who would "pimp out" his 7 and 10 year old daughters for political gain ought to be horsewhipped! There is no way in hell that (a) he didn't know that Access Hollywood was filming the interviews and (b) that he thought (at the time) that there was anything wrong with them being interviewed. As always, when he realizes that he has committed a political faux pas then he's all too eager to find excuses (never reasons) for his idiotically poor judgment!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

The strutting popinjays of the U.S. Congress, both male and female, continue to behave as though their excrement reeks of dainty flowers – whilst managing to garner only a single-digit approval rating, with 54% of Americans actively disliking their actions so far. In the history of the U.S. Congress, never has the combined body (Senate and House) been considered by those who employ it as completely useless as is this current iteration. Were Senator Reid and Rep. Pelosi employed in the private sector, given their job performance, they would be unemployed (and justifiably so).

Although the Democratic Party under Howard Dean has performed with less competence and grace than is its usual habit, still the Republicans are unable or unwilling to capitalize on the pitiful performance of their opponents. The American electorate may yet place John McCain in the White House but it will be in spite of the Republican Party’s efforts, not because of them.

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama, the most spectacularly unqualified man to seek the presidency since Jimmy Carter (and we all know how THAT worked out for the country) seems to be careening from faux pas to faux pas and the mainstream media seems happy to ignore his incompetence and gaucheries just as easily as they managed to ignore the Iraq-yellowcake-Canada story which unfolded over this past weekend.

However, birth announcements for the unmarried Jamie Lynn Spears and Matthew McConaughey are given center stage.

Nothing to see here folks. Just move along!


Yesterday on HGTV’s House Hunters program, imagine my astonishment when a trailer in Florida sold for over $500,000. And no, the purchasers weren’t named Clinton. Granted it was waterfront property with a boat dock. But come on – I don’t even think it was a double wide!? And then the purchaser actually REMODELED the stupid thing.

Any further evidence of the decline and fall of civilization needed?

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Only in America would someone like Barack Hussein Obama be taken seriously for even a nanosecond. Eight years in a Midwestern state legislature with no major legislation bearing his name and a minimum of 130 “present” votes to show for it. During his entire U.S. Senate career (a total of 3 years) he has been almost entirely occupied with running for President and has not introduced, co-sponsored or shepherded any legislation of any kind. Hell, when would he have the time? For that matter, for what are the taxpayers of Illinois paying him? What hubris convinced this shallow, empty man that he had the qualifications to serve our nation as Commander in Chief?

Senator Obama has nothing but contempt for most American values and the ordinary American citizen, and this disdain was clearly evidenced in his San Francisco remarks about bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion!

Senator Obama’s attitude toward patriotism is inconsistent at best. I don’t wear a flag pin either. But neither am I running for the job that includes in its description Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States! And since when did “patriotism” become a dirty word anyway? This nation is the most extraordinary place in which to live in all the world. People make unbelievable sacrifices to move here because of that. And how dare that arrogant, snooty wife of his say that this is the first time as an adult that she’s been proud of her country!? Think about Michelle Obama – self centered, arrogant, nasty – and then think about the gracious and dignified gentility of Laura Bush and then ask yourself, which one of these two women represent YOUR values, your morals and your sensibilities!

Barack Obama claims to have worked his way through college and law school. although there is scant evidence that he did so. Michelle Obama complains about repaying college loans (both his and hers). Welcome to the real world! Most of us had or have college loans to repay. At least you are working with an income of around $800,000 per annum. Very few Americans have that kind of earning power or anywhere close to it, so pardon me for not weeping on your behalf!

So let me get this straight: Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama have taken advantage of every blessing this nation has to offer and still, they feel perfectly free to say they aren’t proud to be Americans every single day, with every single breath they take, and they STILL think they are entitled to receive our support for their misplaced aspirations to the highest office in our great nation – an office for which he is wholly unqualified and egregiously incompetent? What’s worse is that there is grave danger that we have enough fatuous and easily buffaloed leftwingnuts in this country to make their wishes come true!