Monday, November 05, 2007


I'm just saying.

I'm also (briefly) unemployed!

Blogging will be light.


Dan Patterson said...

WTF? Over.

Best to you with finding a soft landing spot. That sort of thing has happened to me a couple of times and it usually is for the best, though the short term affect is smelly.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

Sissy Willis said...

It will give you more time to plan the Thanksgiving menu? In answer to your question of what would go with lobster, I'm thinking some of the usual suspects that I make to go with Tom Turkey: Stuffing, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato puree . . . Details:

Apple pie for dessert?

piano said...

So sorry to hear this news. Sending good wishes and lots of prayers for something even better to come your way soon!!!

pianogirl said...

I clicked on "send" before my whole name made it onto my comment in the previous post!

Gayle Miller said...

Thanks to you all!

I'm hoping to start a long-term temp job on Wednesday of next week. Meanwhile I'm using my time well - UNPACKING ENDLESSLY!

Guess there's a reason for everything. At least I'm sleeping better than I have in months! The job was horrible although I was trying not to say it!

GM Roper said...

Gayle, my sympathies. Been there, done that and had I not been fired at the hospital where I worked I never would have gone into private practice as a counselor.

My wife was let go the monday after Thanksgiving so we are in the same boat with you. She had been on the job at the hospital for 15 years. Know anyone that needs a world class licensed dietitian and licensed professional counselor? LOL

Take care and have a wonderful christmas anyway!