Monday, March 26, 2012


Saw a bunch of ads for Carbonite over the weekend. It occurred to me that someone who supports Barack Hussein Obama so avidly and has the Kool Aid mentality that led to the withdrawal of advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show over the Sandra Fluke nonsense (which has caused the Corporation's stock prices to plummet incidentally) probably is not someone to whom you want to entrust the entire contents of your computer's hard drive for safety!

Just saying.

I mean, isn't it bad enough that the Obama campaign HQ in Chicago has a boatload of people compiling information from everyone's Facebook accounts to use for their own purposes? Do we need to give them everything on a silver platter?

This may be the most corrupt, unconstitutional, inept and dangerous administration in the history of this nation. His tenure in office must be terminated as of 1/20/13 for our country's survival!

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