Monday, October 15, 2012


Liberals lie. Just the same way that scorpions will sting you and rattlesnakes poison you, they think if they say it loud enough, insistently enough and often enough, someone somewhere will believe them.

Despite the fact that, with my own ears, I heard Hillary repeat the "party line" that the killing of our Ambassador and four other brave souls in Benghazi was caused by some troll's offensive video, the fact is and cannot be denied that it was not, never was and never will be the truth. The people killed in that Act of War in Benghazi, Libya, were killed by members of Al Qaeda on September 11th. Do you people need a brick house to fly in from Kansas and land on your dopey heads?

And now, it appears that David Axelrod, that exemplar of evil personified is making every attempt to throw Hillary under the bus.

Look, I don't like the lady and would oppose with every breath in my body any vestige of a chance for the Clintons to reoccupy the White House but hey folks, fair is fair. The the current occupant of the Oval Office and his minions are responsible for that foul lie and it should be walked right back to their doorstep.

Could we please get this America hater out of the office and have him take his "beard" with him?

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