Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Okay. It is a well known fact that I find Hillary Clinton to be a contemptible creature with very little to recommend her lack of character. That being said, what are you right-wing idiots thinking when you make the snarky and snide comments I have recently read? This is a fe4llow human being, folks! If we want the dialogue to become more civil, you don't start that by being nasty and contemptible - no matter what the other side says or does. And I admit, I have indulged in some of that same poor behavior myself from time to time, particularly as it pertains to our "ceremonial" president (h/t Hill Buzz for that fine description) and the execrable John F. Kerry.

However, having suffered some of what Mrs. Clinton has been through of late and being pretty much in her same age group - although older - I wish her only the best in her recovery from what has had to be a frightening health scare. I suffered a stroke about three years ago. It was extremely mild and left no lasting symptoms, although I subsequently had to undergo what I described as two "roto-rooter" operations to clear the carotid arteries on both sides of my neck. My surgeon was so deft that I have virtually no scar visible, despite the incision from just below each ear down nearly to my collarbone.

So I wish Mrs. Clinton a speedy and complete recovery. It's probably a good thing that you're no longer going to be under the pressures of the Department of State, despite my humongous reservations about your possible replacement.

It's 2013. If improvements are to be, they must start with ME!

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