Tuesday, July 02, 2013



The woman did not kill anyone. Neither did she take $1.5 million to perform for the president of one of the most repressive regimes in the world (Jennifer Lopez), nor is she a six-times-in-rehab starlet (Lindsay Lohan). She used a word that is by any measure offensive and no longer used but it's only a WORD people and I don't believe there was anything more than thoughtlessness involved.

The piling on that is happening to this 66-year-old woman is more offensive than the word she has admitted to having used in the past (and who among us can truly claim to be innocent in that regard - back in the day when we were stupid and thoughtless). Last time I looked we still have freedom of expression in this country and the calumny being heaped on this woman is excessive, unwarranted and thoroughly despicable.

Her cookbook publishers are so eager to be politically correct that they're inviting legal action against themselves, not to mention severe financial losses (which their stockholders must LOVE) since the book they've decided not to publish was probably already being printed and since it was already ordered to an extent that it was on the best-seller list pre-publication.

I think this country has lost its mind.

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