Wednesday, August 28, 2013


That is a description by the late, much-lamented Richard Pryor to describe a teenage boy and how irrational they can be. It applies pretty succinctly to our faux-president, Barack Hussein Obama.

He has used rhetoric throughout his career to advance himself, without ever having to prove there is a spine behind all the big talk. And, in the way of all who are essentially cowards, his talk has been WAY big! Now he is in the position where he has to live up to his rhetoric or fold his hand and slink away.

How many Americans must die to prove you have cojones Mr. Obama? And what strategic interest of the U.S. does Syria represent?

The answer should be none and none.

Fold your hand and slink away, Mr. Obama.

And a note to those who are running their mouths while Congress is not in session - return to Washington, D.C., call Congress into session and tell this sniveling wimp he doesn't have authorization to do what he is clearly planning to do. Who will it help? The Syrian people? No way. The Muslim Brotherhood? Possibly. Himself? Nope.

Why don't you just pack it in and resign from office you worthless p.o.s.? You aren't at all presidential and your actions are threatening the security and safety of the American people and our nation - both of whom, by the way, you swore to preserve, protect and defend!

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