Friday, December 01, 2006


Last night on Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes was blathering away about Howard Dean reading a speech in Montreal in French and made the fatuous comment “We could have had a bilingual president!”

Note to Alan Colmes – for the record, you are demonstrably a moron. President George W. Bush IS bilingual. He is fluent in Spanish.

Unlike Howard Dean whose reading of a prepared text in French was rife with so many mispronounciations and stumbles over words that it was clear he doesn't really speak French - or if he does, he speaks it poorly.

What IS IT with liberals? Can they not see how absurd is their unreasoning hatred of our President and how utterly witless this hatred makes THEM look?

h/t Cousin Scott who stays up later than I do!


Charles said...

President Bush is actually mroe fluent in Spanish than he is in English. (rim shot)

Gayle Miller said...

Good one, Charles!

Cheers and whistles and the banging of shoes upon the table - oh wait, that was a Russian thing!

SweetSue said...

FYI: Howard Dean is fluent in Spanish. He learned the language as a teen-ager
working on a summer job in FL where his co-workers were Cuban exiles. His Pres. campaign had an ad where he gave the message in Spanish. He has addressed several Hispanic groups in their own language and continued by conversing with individuals in Spanish during the Q&A periods.

Gayle Miller said...

That information doesn't make Alan Colmes' remark any less fatuous and just plain STUPID.