Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I got to thinking this morning about how important friendships can be in our lives. In fact, I daresay we cannot really live without a few close friends. If a person is lucky enough to have more than a few, then they have been kissed by the angels.

What brought this to mind was the reemergence of The Cabana Boy who was one of the first blogs to claim me (along with Kitty Litter, Lifelike Pundits, Kerry Haters and Brainster) as a loyal reader. I have missed Walt since personal concerns reduced his available time and thus his blogging activities. And now he’s back and as lucid and wonderful as ever!

Yes, I adore dear sis Linda, the extraordinary adopted friend of a lifetime. But there are other people whose friendship has become almost equally important to me. The extraordinary Pams: Pancake and Johnson: both unique and intelligent women who make me proud to be their friend. Then there is Miss Kitty of Kitty Litter who is intelligent, lucid and funny – even under stress. Aaron of Lifelike Pundits is handsome, brilliant and fun – and I’ve now had the privilege of meeting his fine young self! What a gentleman. What a truly delightful human being! Beverly (PianoGirl) has become a very close pal and yet we haven’t met (although now that I’ve moved to Virginia, it’s much more likely to happen). Sissy of Sisu, a favorite destination, shares my love of cats. Lauralee of Wide Awake Cafe is another treasured friend. And my soul has been supported and healed by reading the blogs of The Anchoress and La Shawn Barber. Last, but not least, there’s one of the few rational liberals I know, paul of Minneapolis. We started out disliking each other but have learned to appreciate our differences.

Other treasured family include cousin Stu and his friend Fred, cousin Linda and her husband Noah, and my beloved and delightful cousins Scott, Ernie and Deb and their entire families. That they are friends as well as family is simply a magnificent gift!

If you haven’t collected some of these wonderful people, I must recommend it. Having even one close friend is an essential to a successful and happy life. Having this magnificent collection makes me realize that no matter what else may be happening in my life, I am gifted with riches beyond price in the people in my life.


pianogirl said...

Thanks for your sweet mention ~ better that you put me in the lineup of dear friends than to list me in your next post down about SanFranNan!


A great group of the finest.

You know so many amazing folks.

So glad you were able to meet the mighty Aaron.

Also nice to see the 'Cabana Boy' returned!

Best wishes...

Gayle Miller said...

Aw Michael - I knew I'd leave someone important out! You know, I hope, that I cherish your friendship too.

Aaron is gorgeous and delightful.

Anonymous said...

Gayle, as always....you've made me blush! Thank you for such a kind (albeit dastardly) lie....you know I'm not quite rapped correctly but I guess that's the fun of living into the 21st Century. Life has many wonderfully incredible experiences and YOU are a dear, dear friend. From all of us in Sunny Southern California - you are loved.

Sissy Willis said...

Thank you, Gayle, for your kind words. Say hi to the boys! :-)

Paul said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment. Coming from you it means a lot.

I hope to see you next year if you visit Minneapolis.

(Of course, not two seconds before I read your email I disagreed with you on LLP, but anyway ...)

On the internet sometimes it is easy for me to forget that political differences aren't personal, but you've always been able to remind me that they're not. Thank you for that.