Wednesday, January 02, 2008


In this article, Robert Novak predicts that the winners in the Iowa caucus will be Obama and Romney. The jaw dropping paragraph however is the following:

Ever since finishing second in the Iowa straw poll last August, Huckabee steadily climbed here in Iowa, aided by his evangelical pedigree, his sincerity and the freshface factor, and less critical press coverage than any other candidate. Polls of likely Republican caucusgoers consistently showed Huckabee ahead throughout December, but more recent surveys are a mixed bag, showing slippage by Huckabee.
Is Novak SERIOUS or just a besotted idiot? The candidate who consistently and long term has had less probing, critical press coverage than any other candidate is Hillary Rodham Clinton, that well known Spawn of Satan, to whom the press never addresses anything other than fawning encomiums! And anyone who DARES ask her even the most mildly probing question is routinely and immediately charged with picking on the little woman!

I find it fascinating that this so-called brilliant feminist is so quick to deploy behind the fa├žade of helpless womanhood when it suits her purposes.

However, she is running for a position that requires brains, will and courage in exceptional quantities. Unless she is willing to DEMONSTRATE those qualities to the electorate by answering substantive questions, she has no moral right to expect our votes. Unless she can demonstrate some actual ACCOMPLISHMENTS in her public life – HER accomplishments, not Billy Jeff’s – then she is guilty of arrogant hubris in seeking our support.

Bottom line, based on my observations, she is only moderately intelligent, hardly a nice human being and a serial liar on all subjects.

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