Tuesday, January 08, 2008


"You know for both Sen. Edwards and Obama, they've been given pretty much a free ride and that's fine," Clinton said. "I don't mind having to get up there and take all the scrutiny. But at some point the free ride ends, maybe it ends now, maybe it ends in a month maybe it ends in the general election. You cannot be elected president if you do not withstand the tough questions."

Thus spake Hillary Rodham Clinton during the New Hampshire campaign's closing hours. This is a woman who will not answer substantive questions, who claims interviewers are being unfair and picking on her if they try to ask a tough question, no matter who is posing those questions, so she is hardly in a position to criticize anyone on the basis of a “free ride”!

Thomas Sowell’s latest column is a reminder that we are seeking to elect a PRESIDENT who will serve this country for four years and whoever that president happens to be, the consequences will be with us, for good or ill, for a very long time.

We still must hear from that senile old fart Jimmy Carter far too often. Bill Clinton simply will NOT go away! George H.W. Bush has had the good grace to keep his mouth shut (as all former Presidents used to do before the ill-mannered, self-centered Carter and Clinton occupied the Oval Office). In addition, we are still suffering the results of Carter’s indefensible handling of the Iran situation when he first betrayed a long-time American ally, the Shah, and then utterly mishandled the hostage crisis. And the endless failures of the Clinton administration have led us to the current War on Terror.

Sowell opines that a president’s temperament is a defining factor in our choice. He deems Thompson, Romney and Giuliani to be the most even-tempered of the Republican candidates and John McCain as the least. On the Democratic side, he doesn’t have a good word in this department for ANY of the candidates. Character DOES count and none of the Democrats running have demonstrated to me that they possess ANY character at all.

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