Friday, December 05, 2008


O. J. Simpson appears to be a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Lots of superficial and manipulative amoral charm there, but not a lot of depth or moral center. Kind of like a black version of former President William Jefferson Clinton, except that O.J. lacks President Clinton's brains.

From what I can gather, the judge in the current Las Vegas case issued a sentencing that was so complex that very few people are certain of exactly how long the minimum sentence for O.J. is exactly. They only know that it appears to be a minimum of 15 years. There is also disagreement on when he will be eligible for parole - either in 9 years or, again, 15 years. This means that O.J. won't be out playing golf and thumbing his nose at the Brown and Goldman families for a very long time and when and if he finally does get out of prison he will be between 70 and 75 years old. Good.

I have always believed absolutely that O.J. Simpson was guilty as hell in the 1995 murders and quite literally got away with murder. This conviction isn't much - but it's better than nothing. If nothing else it definitively proves that the man isn't really all that bright! Who tape records an armed robbery? I mean really!


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that you say Clinton had little morals but yet you supported McCain all the way...even though he cheated on his first wife and left her at the first opportunity he could. Congratulations on holding Democrats to a higher set of standards than you do Repulicans.

Gayle Miller said...

I supported McCain out of sheer terror of what we're getting on 1/20/09 - Barack Hussein Obama, may easily be the worst thing that ever happened to this country and could, conceivably, destroy America with his economic illiteracy and his complete lack of knowledge of running a business let alone a nation. He is likely to be a complete disaster - and I hope I'm wrong about that but I don't think I am.

Finally - don't pull that moral equivalency bullshit on my site.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. You supported McCain because he was Republican. That is the only reason. No one will ever believe otherwise. If Obama had been Republican you would have cheered his ass on as well. If McCain had been Democratic you would have spouted crap about his cheating on his wife. Way to be a conservative sheep. If you don't like other people's opinions then you can disable comments.