Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The President was craving a hamburger! Or so reports the Associated Press here!

In this state of mind on Tuesday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took a short — but wholly noticeable — motorcade ride from the White House to Virginia and pulled into a small, independent burger joint called Ray's Hell Burger.
What - they don't have chefs and ground meat at the White House? You don't have minions to send to Arlington to pick up takeout? For those of you who don't work in The District - you have no idea the havoc that is caused by one of these "wild hairs" when the President has one. Traffic is tied up all over the District since Pennsylvania Avenue is immediately closed down by the Secret Service, not to mention connecting streets. And not just for a few minutes - the tieups usually last for at least an hour. Last night, we were experiencing torrential rains as well as one of Herr Obama's joyrides down Pennsylvania Avenue - it took an hour longer for us to get OUT of the District and on our way home!

When, oh when are you going to move FROM campaign mode, Mr. President, and start freaking GOVERNING. If George Bush had done ANY of this crap, he would have justifiably been crucified by the mainstream media!

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RandomThoughts said...

Obama is stuck in perpetual campaign mode because that's what he is, one big marketing tool. Double entendre fully intended.