Monday, June 01, 2009


I have been AWOL the past three weeks, felled quite ungraciously by a raging case of double pneumonia! Don't let anyone tell you this isn't a serious situation! I was literally flat on my back. When I asked my doctor (2 weeks ago) why I wasn't mending more quickly, she had the effrontery to say "Because you aren't 18 any longer!" How dare she point out the TRUTH to me! The antibiotic prescribed by the doctor in the emergency room made every single thing I ate or drank taste like soap bubbles or wax! And this, despite the fact that I was SUPPOSED to be hydrating myself. So I choked down the soapy tasting water and tried to convince myself that I liked it! Pfui!

Sam the Wonder Cat was ecstatic that I was home and supine for the better part of 3 weeks. Linda, the beloved sister, was a total rock of support - stopping by daily to be sure I had sufficient to eat and/or drink (we finallly, by process of elimination, settled on Sprite as the only thing that did NOT taste like Palmolive dish soap) and giving Sam fresh water and food since it was impossible for me to pick up his food dish from the floor! As a result, Sam has finally gotten over his antipathy for Linda - a great relief to us both!

So thanks to those of you who inquired, or fussed at me, about my disappearance from the world. And thanks to my co-workers who made certain that my absence was memorialized by an excruciatingly funny get well card which they intelligently held until I was able to lift my head to read it!

Full health is just a few days away! And I did make one discovery during the past 3 weeks. BILLY MAYS is the most annoying man in America - even worse than that ShamWow guy!


B....... said...

Aaah - the magical healing powers of Billy Mays.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

piano girl said...

I'm so glad you are back and feeling better. Thank goodness for your sis who could give me some updates!!! Hope you sail through the rest of the summer health-wise!