Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The woman didn't have the easiest of lives. Yes, there was eventually wealth and a high degree of privilege, but there was also extreme pain and suffering and a life cut short by an evil disease which she fought with the courage of a lion.

I didn't have many political opinions in common with this admirable woman, but I had a great deal of empathy for her struggles in her later years.

Being friends with a woman who lost a son way too soon, I could admire the tenacity and courage with which Elizabeth Edwards continued to live her life. Having a co-worker who is in a daily and never-ending struggle with the horrendous disease that took Mrs. Edwards' life, I have a very small understanding of the strength that struggle requires. And I even understand why she did not drop kick that sorry sack of excrement to whom she was married for 30 years to the curb. They were married most of their adult lives and had shared the early poverty and the long, uphill climb. The fact that they celebrated their wedding anniversary at Wendy's every year because that's where they had their first date, tells me a lot.

I said a few prayers yesterday for Mrs. Edwards when I learned of her demise. I prayed for her younger two children as well. I hope they will always understand that their mother was an admirable and courageous fighter! Please continue to pray for Mrs. Edwards' children.

UPDATE: The moronic twits of Westboro Baptist Church are planning to continue their despicable activities by picketing the funeral services tomorrow that are planned for Elizabeth Edwards. These aren't really human beings, they are Satan's imps wearing human disguises! Shame on every one of you for your appalling and horrid behavior. I hope the Supreme Court justices who are considering your case take note of your antics and shut you down!

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