Thursday, December 02, 2010


Wikileaks, that seemingly untouchable affront to governmental confidentiality apparently received the most recent batch that was unveiled Sunday from an Army intelligence analyst who copied tens of thousands of sensitive documents onto CDs labeled "Lady Gaga."
The young man's name? Bradley Manning. He is pictured above next to that infamous cretin Julian Assange who apparently is wanted in Sweden for a host of unsavory sexual offenses! Harumph!

Mr. Mannning was apparently in a funk because he was having romantic issues with his significant other! Oh okay, right then - that's a good reason to betray your country you traitorous yahoo!

UPDATE: The following is a portion of an interview on Fox News back in July as reported by NewsBusters' Jeff Poor:

"STUDIO B" HOST SHEPARD SMITH: You just interviewed Julian Assange. Now Julian Assange is the man who is the founder of WikiLeaks - released these, or on his site was released the 92,000 pages of documents that lead to all this discussion about our complete failures in Afghanistan and thoughts that we need to get out of Afghanistan. He told you something that I considered to be a blockbuster bit of news.

[Judge Andrew] NAPOLITANO: And that is that WikiLeaks presented the documents - there were over 100,000 pages of them, to the White House.

SMITH: When?

NAPOLITANO: Weeks before they were released. He wouldn't give me an exact date.

Smith speculated the White House was offered first glance at these documents prior to other media outlets. Napolitano said Assange got no response from the White House during that time. Meanwhile, Kevin over at HillBuzz, often the most provocative site of the day, wants to know if Assange could dump the Prez's birth certificate and school records!

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