Friday, July 01, 2011


The recent offensive behavior of some New Yorkers (with the apparent acquiescence of the others around them) at an outdoor showing of a film which was attended by Glenn Beck WITH his wife and daughter is a very good sign that this city has absolutely no manners and no class.

While I believe that most New Yorkers consider themselves the cream of the crop, brimming with intelligence and style, I'm here to tell you that the behavior of those people who were overtly intolerant of Mr. Beck and his family are the most thuggish cretins on planet Earth!

I am always reminded of the comment of former critic Pauline Kael when Richard Nixon was elected to his first term: "I don't know how he won; nobody I know voted for him!" What a dumb bitch! These New York people (like the Angelenos and the San Franciscans) believe that so-called flyover country is populated by cretino0us yahoos with no education, no breeding, no intelligence and no class. In actual fact, we are the ones who keep your leaky rowboats afloat you moronic twits and it's high time someone said so!

We can start by voting that class-warfare-promoting jerk Obama out of office!

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