Thursday, July 07, 2011


When the Casey Anthony verdict was announced, I was sickened by the poor prosecution efforts (although the obsessive media coverage sickened me even more) and the poor result therefrom. I doubt that there are many people in this country (and abroad) who truly believe Casey Anthony was not in some way responsible for her 2-year-old daughter's death! Whether through misadventure or intent, this woman has - in my opinion - blood on her hands.

Now that the sentencing is complete and it appears that she won't be waltzing out of prison to drink champagne with her utterly amoral defense team (I mean - yes, you must defend your client rigorously - but there are rules of decency that ought to be followed regardless!) she is apparently looking forward to making a bunch of money from the death of her child and her subsequent prosecution for that death. Talk about blood money.

All that being said, my feelings are, leave her to the mercy of the Great Judge and expect the heavenly finger to be given to any media outlet that puts money into this bitch's hands. Let karma deal with her and in the meantime, pray for the repose of the soul of Caylee Anthony who - given the quality of mothering she apparently received - is truly in a much better place, in the hands of her Creator who loves her, will not harm her and will protect her and cherish her.

Finally - another question - what's the deal with Casey Anthony's forehead? She looks like a mini-throwback to prehistoric man!? Get bangs, hide that disgusting evidence of just how primitive you are!

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