Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Rob Kardashian, Carson Kressley and my beloved J.R. Martinez are the front runners as far as I'm concerned. Nancy Grace and Ricki Lake look good as well! Rob and J.R. both had my in floods of tears - so emotional and heartfelt were their dances. Kudos to Nancy Grace for displaying the heart beneath the tough exterior! Chynna Phillips likewise displayed grace and enormous emotion. As to the rest, well, I can live without them in coming weeks. Chaz Bono tries really hard but he just doesn't have the requisite talent and I worry constantly about him injuring himself!

Is it my imagination or are there more decent dancers out there this season than in previous seasons?

Tonight's elimination should be interesting!

UPDATE: Kristen Cavalieri and Mark Ballas are gone! Frankly, it should have been Chaz Bono but he does have his constituency! And he is one tough and dedicated competitor. Just no dancer!

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