Tuesday, October 11, 2011


J. R. Martinez was splendid, as was Ricki Lake. Carson Kressley was entertaining and Roib Kardashian is displaying a sense of dance unmatched by ANY of his siblings. For some reason, and I don't know why, I find Hope Solo eminently unlikeable as well as arrogant, while Nancy Grace is doing her best but she just doesn't have the "chops" to do it well.

Chaz Bono needs to be gone as it is so painful to watch him lumber across the dance floor with a look of pain on his face. He tries so hard and works so hard and yet that enormous physique of his is a major hindrance. I do find his friendship with J.R. to be inexplicable but somehow warming. Maybe it's time for Hope to run out?

Anyway, we'll see what happens tonight. I'm predicting it will be J.R. and Ricki going down to the wire with Rob in the top 3.

That's my prediction and I'll stick with it! Meanwhile, would someone get Judge Len Goodman some fiber cereal and/or a hot fudge sundae? He needs to be given some "pleasant" lessons!

UPDATE: Well, Chynna Phillips was eliminated tonight. Granted, she got lost in the "fog" machine last night but her dancing has been exquisite up until now and I don't honestly think the quality of Chaz Bono's dancing measures up in any way to Chynna's - nevertheless, she is gone!

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