Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Pamela Anderson, who didn't belong on the program in the first doggone place, was justifiably sent home after her first so-called dance.

Wendy Williams is predicting that Bristol Palin will be sent home next, which I do not believe and which I will do everything in my "voting" power to prevent. And she predicted today that Drew Lachay would be next. And that would be fine with me if HE is next.

The level of dancing is exceptional and this is a season worth watching.

Questions to Pamela Anderson:
1. If you have or had such a busy travel schedule, why did you commit to this show in the first damned place?

2. Why, considering the outrageously talented hair and makeup people on the show, did your hair look like small animals were living in it? You're 45 damned years old woman, quit trying to look 25. It isn't working and you'd have looked better if you had sported a more updated and modern look.

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