Thursday, September 20, 2012


At the time of the shameful attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Mitt Romney was criticized for "shooting from the hip" when he blamed the attack on terrorism - coming as it did on 9/11! Turns out he was absolutely right.

Evidence in the pictures taken of the event itself shows the American flag being burned, yes, but also the Al Qaeda symbols being raised. And our Ambassador did not die of smoke inhalation, but rather was savagely beaten and sodomized. And, by the way, Libyan authorities warned us THREE days before that something was likely to happen in that place and on that date.

In his desperation to hang onto his cushy and free digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this current occupant of the White House has lied, spun and generally made it a policy to bamboozle the American people and endanger our safety, with the willing complicity of the "elite media" who continue to push the false narrative that some doofus filmmaker is responsible for the violence. Too bad for them, the "new media" is alive and well and not yet under his control

WE MUST work to ensure that he is no re-elected. Nothing less than our national sovereignty and security is at stake!

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