Sunday, November 18, 2012


So it seems as though the Chicago trained machine has pulled out another rabbit from their hat of tricks and seen to it that their darling, the still-unqualified Barack Hussein Obama will be plaguing us for another four years. I won't pray for his impeachment on the sole basis that that would stick this country with the moronic Rosary Joe ("Plugs") Biden! When there are over 258,000 votes for Obama in one county in Florida - where there are only 175,000 registered voters, some serious examination needs to happen. When there are NO votes for Romney in 59 precincts in Ohio, something stinky this way came. When every state that had voter-i.d. went for Romney, questions should be asked.

When 19 states (including Texas which actually has the legal right to do so) threaten to secede, something is rotten.

We are a constitutional Republic folks and the Constitution is being batted around like a Frisbee by those pissants in D.C.

I am now going to make it my business to live another four years so I can see the insanity stop!

We need another Ronald Reagan and men like him are in short supply. Could Marco Rubio be the one? Maybe Bobby Jindal. Or maybe, in 2020, could it be George Prescott Bush who has a Mexican mother and is fluently bilingual? At least there's a chance that he can pronounce nuclear (one of W's less endearing faux pas).

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