Friday, December 14, 2012


The shooting death of even one child - of whatever age - is appalling. The shooting deaths of as many as 19 kindergarten children is an obscenity.

That being said, the nonstop, repetitive coverage today is offensive as hell to me. It is as if the alphabet networks AND Fox are using this horrendous occurrence as some sort of ratings booster. We have seen the same pictures on all channels multiple times, repeats of various pieces of information over and over again.

Then let us discuss the continuing repetition of the call for gun control (an agenda that is trotted out every single time there is any kind of crime involving a weapon - including the heavily bodyguarded Bob Costas' recent asinine rant prompted by the suicide of an NFL player after he killed the mother of his young child and then subsequently himself). It IS a fact, let me remind everyone, that if even ONE teacher or administrator at that school had had a weapon to hand (likely illegal under many state's laws), many lives could have been saved.

AND, as a final comment - there were 22 people killed in a similar type attack in CHINA yesterday. A KNIFE was used. Crazy is as crazy does and evil is evil, regardless of the accoutrements used!

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