Wednesday, December 12, 2012


If we criticize that creep in the White House, we're racists? Did we call the idiots who called Bush 41 a "chimp" and "Hitler" racists? No, that isn't the way classy people and people who think things through behave.

If we disapprove of someone's behavior (as I disapprove of the prominence - albeit and hopefully temporary) of people like Honey Boo Boo and the entire Kardashian family (excepting Khloe - who seems sensible and grounded) - then we are called "haters". Of course people who scream that all Republicans should be killed (Howard Dean anyone?), they aren't called haters, even though that was and will always constitute hate speech.

When did we stop being able to disagree with others without rancorous discourse? I am reminded of the late Ohio Senator Frank Lausche. He was a Democrat to be sure, but he was respected by people of both political persuasions because he respected us in return! He would have abhored the current political climate and with good reason. It's counterproductive and in the final analysis, just plain STUPID. And that isn't hate speech folks, it's just my observation.

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