Wednesday, May 24, 2006


According to Richard Cowan’s Reuters article of May 23, 2006, the plan to put National Guard troops on the U.S.-Mexico border (where they will likely do no more than push paper in President Bush’s attempt to quell the ire of Americans regarding this topic – but that’s another posting), is a bad idea because it will “spark a surge in immigration cases and U.S. courts are ill prepared to handle them” according to congressional and court sources.

In the first place, if we accept the specious logic that the U.S. courts are unable to handle prosecution of immigration cases, then by extension, how can we assume that U.S. courts are capable of handling the prosecution of ANY felony or misdemeanor cases? And is that a valid reason for not upholding the laws of our nation, state, county or city? I hardly think so.

Perhaps if our state and Federal judges spent less time attempting to create laws, which is not their province, and spent more time vigorously upholding our laws, things would move more smoothly. And while this is probably insensitive to suggest, perhaps if court personnel were selected on the basis of competence instead of political patronage? Just a thought! It might even speed things along if (particularly in California, Texas and Florida) court personnel were actually fluent in ENGLISH!

We could have a chat with the Senate Democrats on that subject since they have consistently been the hair clog in the drainpipe of the confirmation process. Instead of philosophical litmus tests of “judicial philosophy” we could actually focus on competence and qualifications as LAWYERS not political creatures. Now I am the first one to say that lawyers are not generally a well thought of bunch, but I have known some who were surprisingly intelligent and hard-working. In fact, the managing partner of the law firm where I now work is one such person and I respect her tremendously. And, to my honest astonishment, I enjoy working for her. In addition, the associate whose work I do is brainy, highly competent and delightful. So there are people out there who would suit and it’s high time they were found, nominated, confirmed and put to work.

There are always those who will find reason NOT to do anything worth doing. Does that mean that they should be heard? Absolutely. Should their advice be followed? Heck no. But I was taught at my father’s knee that everyone you met in life could teach you something – if not what TO DO, then what NOT TO DO!

Of course, my father also used to say that anyone smart enough to solve our nation’s problems would be too smart to get into politics. He was right about that too!

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