Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Let me preface this by saying that a grown human male who goes by the name of “Pinch” has to be a priori a complete idiot!

Middle of the road and right leaning Republicans have long suspected the absolutely irrefutable bias of the formerly praiseworthy New York Times but now, out of your own mouth, you have proclaimed the leftward bias and anti-Bush-administration agenda during an outrageous commencement speech last weekend! Thanks “Pinch”!

Here is a lesson in Journalism 101 you ignorant buffoon: Journalists are supposed to REPORT the news, not MANUFACTURE it! Journalists are supposed to be unbiased observers, not unabashed spinners of fact or manufacturers of fiction which then masquerades as fact in the pages of a formerly great newspaper as has far too frequently been the case under your stewardship. Opinion belongs on the editorial pages, not the news pages. Agendas are NOT the province of a journalist.

You, sir, were not elected by anyone other than the New York Times Board of Directors (and I’ll bet they’ve regretted your ascension to your current, undeserved lofty post ever since). And to believe that you have any ability or right to “bring down the Bush administration” or, indeed, any administration is beyond hubris and a display of arrogance that is nearly psychotic in its depth. You are living proof that the gene pool dilutes to a remarkable degree over generations. You are in no way a worthy inheritor of the mantle of the Sulzbergers who came before you. There are shopping throwaway newspapers in this country more competently run than the former jewel of the journalistic firmament, now known to many as the New York Slimes – the paper that isn’t fit to wrap fish!

Another unmistakable case of “Bush Derangement Syndrome”

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