Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Without going into specifics of the President’s address (I approve of most of what he said – although I would have been hard pressed to resist telling the Dems – and some RINOs - what quisling cowards they are – which is why I would never claim to be a statesman) – the faces in the audience were instructive.

Nancy Pelosi as usual made me think of Hurd Hatfield in The Picture of Dorian Gray – and not in a good way. That frozen visage of hers is exceedingly off-putting! Hillary Rodham Clinton was clearly envisioning herself giving the same address in a few years – like that’s going to happen! After the speech, I surfed around for a few minutes to see what inanities were being spouted by the “talking heads”. Since they were all saying pretty much the same thing and spouting stupidities, I chose to switch to HGTV and watch a home improvement show. Power tools are FUN! And unlike most politicians, they serve a useful purpose.

I wonder: Do the liberal nutcase Dems EVER have a moment of clarity and see themselves for who and what they really are? Somehow I don’t think so. It is VERY depressing.

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hnav said...


perfect !!!

the DNC is embarrassing, and i hope Conservatives unite, get over their frustrations, to send the Liberal Dems back to the minority in 2008.

we can try...