Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am spending considerable time these days (in the final stages of recuperation) with 2 remarkable animals named Zeus (an 18 month old Pit Bull mix and a total sweetheart of a boy) and Harley (a Corgi mix girl that I describe as my "co-dependent sweetheart") and am gaining a new appreciation for the canines of this world. And yes, before you ask, I am taking tons of vitamin supplements and drinking gallons of water. Adult diapers cannot be far away!

Zeus is a totally lovable, very shy fellow who is quite mellow and laid back. He is now fascinated by Tim the Siamese cat. Last night, much to Tim's nervous consternation, Zeus spent considerable time washing Tim's head and butt! Harley is completely uninterested since she prefers focusing her enormous amounts of affection on ME!

To say that they have been instrumental in my recovery from my recent illness is an understatement. Their constant attention and affection has been most appreciated.

Incidentally, both Linda and Sam have mostly recovered from their recent altercation primarily because I am keeping them separated. Sam is welcome to roam freely when Linda isn't home as long as he is polite to the other animals. I figure that's a necessary first step.

Tim has not lost his feisty little edge either. Yesterday afternoon he caught a fly AND gave Sam a cuff in the face (and didn't SAM look astonished) when Sam hissed at Tim. It was like - "Get over yourself fool!"

So to Harley and Zeus, I love you both and much as I may be a total cat person, there is room in my heart for you guys in perpetuity!


Dan Patterson said...

"If a dog will not come to you having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience". Woodrow Wilson

I am glad to hear of your recent introduction to the appreciation of dogs; cats are also fine companions but are a different sort of companion and breed (pun). I think more of my dogs than most people, and I understand that there is a psychological transferrence, etc., but it is what it is.

Get better and we will look forward to more updates.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

Gayle Miller said...

Zeus is an absolute darling boy. His 2 brothers AND his mother attacked him just before Christmas and literally tore him up. Linda ministered to him that night, called the Stafford County Animal people the next morning and had the 3 offending dogs (who were all in progressive stages of meanness) and had them put down. When she was ministering to Zeus - who had a huge tear under his left front leg - she literally POURED hydrogen peroxide on the wound and he didn't even move! The next day when the vet was doing the stitches, again, Linda just sat holding his head and petting his head and Zeus didn't growl, or whimper or do anything but stare into Linda's eyes and endure it. On that basis alone, I am absolutely besotted with Zeus! And Harley is absolutely irresistible. She is so filled with love and so desirous of being loved in return - and it's really easy to do because she's so SWEET. And pretty.