Thursday, June 14, 2007


The Monday before the big move I spent about an hour and a half waiting to do a change of address with Social Security! As a result, by the Wednesday OF the move, I was hacking, coughing and generally feeling GREEN! Beloved Linda arrived that night to help me finish packing and to drive with me to Virginia and thank goodness she did because by then, I was almost incoherent with fever and illness.

On the plus side, thanks to paul (who is rapidly becoming a treasure in my heart with his kindness and good sense), I was able to give the man driving my moving truck sufficent money to cover gas (paul calculated roughly how much I would need to give him and he was absolutely accurate). Once everything was loaded, we picked up 2 very sleepy cats at the vets' office and headed out to Virginia with me driving (don't ask what lack of common sense dictated that decision) and of course - we hit rush hour heading out of Columbus because of the delays occasioned by me being so sick. Once we got out of Columbus it was pretty clear sailing and by the end of the trip, Linda and I realized to our delight that my 2003 Impala was getting 40 mpg! Anyway, by the time we arrived I was getting sicker and sicker and ended up with a sinus infection AND (why be half-hearted about such stuff) walking pneumonia. Not to mention one very pissed off big cat Sam who did NOT appreciate being caged up for the long trip.

Today is the first day I'm even halfway coherent and I'm delighted to be so. I'm glad I made the move, grateful to Beloved Linda for her help and patience with my somewhat goony state of mind of late, to Pam, Saundra, Karen, Melodie and Kelly for helping with packing, Michael for driving the truck and everyone at both ends who kept me relatively sane. And friend paul for the good advice.

Anyone who asks, Penske does a damned good job on truck rentals.
I'm going to stay with my dear friend Linda for at least 3-4 months (she's voting for 9 months or so but my cat Sam would be psychotic by then) until I've got my brains tucked back into my head, my job situation peaceful and serene and my life in general back to normal.

And just to rub it in a little - unleaded gas here in Virginia is $2.81 per gallon today!


Mred said...

Welcome back and get well(er) soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found my advice helpful.

Look forward to sharing more of my wisdom next November ;-)

Hope you're feeling better!

Tom Blogical said...

I empathize with you on the sinus infections, I get them a lot. Never had pneumonia though. Getting them both at the same time sounds incredibly rough and unfair.

Glad to see that you're feeling a little better. I hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

Gayle Miller said...

Paul - I'm feeling better daily - because I have a small amount of money in the bank - I've decided not to rush the job search - my rent is paid through July so there's no real rush! And my health had been somewhat precarious BEFORE the rent illness so I'm concentrating on feeling stronger and less stressed and getting my "mojo" back - weird thing to be wanting at my age but what the hell!

GM Roper said...

Gayle, the other GM (that would be moi) is delighted that you are back and in one piece. Welcome back to blogging, you've been missed.