Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Part of the recent stress emanating from the move is the really, really bad attitude of Sam, my 28-pound, 6 year old Maine Coon cat who is (a) on a diet because he needs to lose 6 pounds and (b) like all cats, he detests change in his environment and this was a big one.

He has been pretty much universally hostile to all around him, to the point of biting Linda on Sunday when she was giving her 17-year old, nearly toothless (well, she has ONE) female cat Gigi a summertime haircut. Gigi was complaining - at the top of her rather loud voice - and Sam apparently decided that she needed protection! Mind you, he doesn't LIKE Gigi but since when does logic apply to a feline, right? Anyway, he flew at Linda who was sitting on the living room floor and bit her! Last night we spent 2+ hours at the hospital emergency room getting the infection in Linda's left arm taken care of! I was in tears from guilt and no small amount of fear for both Linda AND Sam. Just as a point of information, should you ever need it, the most infectious bite is that of a human! Next in line, the cat and only AFTER that is the dog!

Took Sam to the vet this morning to find out if his bad attitude is treatable (it is, thank goodness). They are doing blood work and we'll know tomorrow what level of kitty prozac is required to ease Sam through this transition. Oh yes, and the vet described him as "morbidly obese" - he looked somewhat offended at that and I suspect I did too! I'm now trying to get my back to stop aching (YOU try lugging a 28 pound cat around folks!) and fix myself a very much delayed breakfast!

Here's an interesting piece of information for all y'all - most of the law firms in D.C. require proficiency in both Excel and POWER POINT for their legal secretaries. I'm working on brushing up on both just for fun and profit!


Sissy Willis said...

Poor little guy. One way to help a kitty diet is to cut down the size of regular food servings. It worked with Tiny and Baby a couple of years back when I noticed them starting to put on the pounds. Instead of half a can twice a day, they now have a third of a can twice a day, plus occasional treats. 'Hope all settles down soon.

Mred said...

We lived in Rockport Maine for a few years and wrestled over the decision of obtaining a Maine Coon Cat or a Coon Hound. The cat bite to my wife's thumb sent us for the Coon Hound. I really liked both. Welcome back online and good luck with the move, job and everything.