Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Apparently the Brits think our president is a smart ass!

His code name with the British police, Scotland Yard and all other UK law enforcement agencies is "Chalaque" which is a Punjabi term meaning someone who is too clever for his own good.

Isn't it sad that our longest term ally feels free to label our President thus? Since taking office, the Fauxbamas have done their level best to alienate our two closest allies. Bibi Netanyahu made his position very clear while addressing Congress today (Zippy is frolicking in Ireland with Michelle Antoinette) and every word he said resonated with me. Giving the Queen of England an Ipod loaded with his past speeches was an act of incredible arrogance and hubris.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge looked appropriate and elegant today whilst greeting Michelle Obama who was inappropriately clad in a garish ensemble that was better suited to a high school girl, than a supposedly mature woman with two children. Who advises this dummy about her clothing?

It shouldn't matter, but she IS representing our nation abroad (and no that wasn't a smack at her substantial derriere).

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