Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I drive 51 miles each way to get to work here in The District. At one end of the commute is my home with my two lovely kitty boys awaiting me and at the other end is an office full of lawyers who are also awaiting the opportunity to chew my guts out on a regular basis. How could you not LOVE the idea of traveling so far for such a daily treat!?

Today it was especially delightful - took over 2 hours because it was raining in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Nobody on the roads had ever seen rain in their entire lives and thus they were unsure of how to cope. Do you drive faster and send spray all over the other cars on the road or do you drive really, really, really slowly and tick off your fellow commuters? Both choices were made and it led to a right mess, let me tell you!

The idea of retirement looks more and more promising!

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