Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Call is solidarity with another old broad, call it fellow feeling for someone who struggles, as I always have, with their weight, call it anything you want - to me, picky purist that I am, Kirstie Alley was the clear winner on Dancing With the Stars this season.

She was the oldest contestant, at 60 years of age, and the most considerably out of shape, with an egocentric partner who is 31 years old and of Ukrainian ancestry - a demonstrated curmudgeon!

Throughout the run of the series, she could have whined, she could have pouted, she could have done a lot of things. She could have put on a weekly tantrum like Kate Gosselin did. She could have whined the way Jennifer Grey did. However, what she DID do was practice . . . very hard . . . and work through adversity and pain. Each week she brought to the dance floor what was often not the most perfect dance, but definitely the dance to which the fullest commitment had been given! And THAT is why I'm voting for the courageous and outrageous Kirstie Alley, who at age 60, actually did a cartwheel during last night's freestyle.

She deserves to win and she got my votes, whatever else happens! Hines is good and Chelsea is okay. But Kirstie is my choice!

UPDATE: Hines Ward won, but in my heart (and I suspect in her own) Kirstie was the REAL winner! She looks amazing, she seems happier, less nutty and secure!

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