Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been listening to the chatter, both online and on the morning chatfests which seem to imply that last night's program was "boring" and that Billy Crystal's hosting was irrelevant.

Here's an opposite viewpoint - the show was terrific. Billy Crystal, as always, was delightful, efficient and totally entertaining. And wonder of wonders, the doggone thing ENDED on time for the first time in my rather long memory.

There weren't many surprises, although I think that Meryl Streep's win was very unexpected and a total shame in many ways! Viola Davis' performance was brilliant and didn't have the self-conscious "look I'm acting" aura that inbues many of Streep's roles.

Cirque du Soleil was a delicious surprise - although I'm not sure how relevant they were!

Angelina Jolie needs to eat a sandwich! She's entirely too thin and Brad Pitt is an unkemp mess. Why anyone would think either of them is attractive is beyond me. Angie dear - how you got him is how you'll lose him, although what woman would want to touch that seldom washed character is beyond my comprehension! I'm 69 years old and I can say what I want!

The acceptance speeches were wonderful and the trio that won the writing award and then mocked Jolie's posing with her leg out (who wants to see your lumpy bony knees anyway).

Brian Grazer did a terrific job and I hope the Academy has him back (with Crystal) again and again and again.

I seldom enjoy this smug, self-congratulatory snooze of a show but to my surprise, last night I did. Didn't even fall asleep halfway through! That in itself is a miraculous happening. I stayed up way too late which made the call from the "sleep center" at 8:30 this morning all the more annoying! You woke me up for this nonsense?!

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