Sunday, February 05, 2012


Obama started with the Jews, by tacitly abandoning Israel.

Now HHS has moved on to the Catholics by requiring that Catholic institutions abandon portions of their religious beliefs in order to conform to the illegal and unconstitutional Obamacare. This requirement is, in itself, wholly unconstitutional and they damned well know it!

Memo to evangelical Christians and all other Christians in this country - they'll be coming for you next.

Why would ANYONE in their right mind vote for this dunderhead!? A vast number of Catholics voted for this pinhead in the 2008 election! With scathing letters being read from pulpits all over the country in the past weeks regarding this outrageous interpretation of the Administration's right to trample our Constitution willy-nilly, how many Catholic votes does this inept, incompetent moron expect to receive?

And I don't give a shit what happened today in Nevada - I'm still sticking with Newt!

UPDATE: Turns out that Cardinal Designate, Archbishop Dolan of New York met with the President in the Oval Office before this appalling assault on religion was promulgated by HHS and lo and behold, Obama assured the Cardinal Designate that "we'll work this out". Subsequently, the president's representative called Dolan and said that the President had decided a one-year extension was the best he could do!

November cannot come soon enough for me.

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cmblake6 said...

The mmmpos has got to be removed. Hopefully, we may do it by election. In the possible happening of a false flag martial law scenario, we know where it may go from there.

Pray it not be so.