Friday, February 24, 2012


President Obama's life, starting with the location of his birth, is still shrouded in mystery. We know (we think we know) the name of his father, we suspect the location of his birth, we have seen what purports to be his long form birth certificate which shows the name of a hospital that didn't exist and a doctor's name that appears to be bogus. The long form certificate appears to be a somewhat clumsy forgery! His high school and college transcripts are strangely unavailable and the grades he earned while in college are somewhat suspiciously unknown. Why he had to surrender his law license is unknown, nor is it clear why Michelle surrendered her license to practice as well. How his Ivy League education was financed and by whom is also strangely unknown.

Who really wrote the two books attributed to him? Was it in actual fact the work of Bill Ayers, well known and unrepentant would-be destroyer of America and known bomber of American institutions?

Who is this man who is destroying our Republic with every act of his administration? Who is Barack Hussein Obama and is he even who he says he is? What are his true beliefs? Is he even a Christian? Is he even a native born American citizen? In other words, is he or is he not the "Manchurian Candidate" president?

How is it that a man who was early in his first term as a U.S. Senator was able to capture the money and the backing to win the presidency?

What are his true purposes? Why does he feel it necessary to continue to apologize for everything America stands for?

Finally, should he be defeated at the polls in November 2012, will he go quietly and constitutionally from office? Or will he manufacture a crisis and use that crisis to declare martial law and invalidate the national election so that he can remain in power?

The man must be defeated to save the American dream. We must work tirelessly to elect the candidate of the Republican Party - even if that candidate is not the conservative standard-bearer we prefer. And we must be prepared to defend our nation should my worst fears be realized. This is a crucial year for America and we must be prepared to preserve, protect and defend that which Obama is not prepared or willing or even competent to preserve, protect and defend.

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