Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The president of the United States has canceled White House tours because of sequestration. Really? You worthless s.o.b. why don't you cut back on the numerous and costly vacations taken by you and your wife and use those funds to provide the additional security you've cut so that "We the People" whose house it actually IS can resume the tours? What a thin-skinned, petulant cretin someone else voted for for president - certainly I didn't vote for him. He's STILL campaigning, not governing!

I think that the President, Vice-President, each Cabinet secretary and each member of Congress should be subject to a 20% salary cut until the deficit is appreciably reduced.

Furthermore, "We the People" need to start scrutinizing all Federal programs to ascertain which ones WE think should be cut and then make our feelings known. And any non-cooperating member of Congress should be removed from office forthwith and someone who has our interests at heart should be elected to replace those removed.

On another note, when will the various pundits now spewing their "wisdom" on the subject of the Catholic Church be instructed to shut their ignorant pie-holes. The Catholic Church has survived 2,000 years without your self-perceived wisdom and we'll flourish an additional 2,000 years without your self-serving ignorance.

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