Saturday, March 16, 2013


It remains to be seen whether this new Pope is beneficial for the Church, although I tend not to doubt the Holy Spirit's influence on the Conclave.

Those who are already "piling on" this new Pope are idiots. Since the Catholic Church has, throughout its history, frowned on sex outside of marriage, their disapproval of gays is hardly surprising. And those who are expecting changes in orthodoxy are nuts. The Church over its 2,000 year history has remained pretty consistent and I see no reason to expect anything other than mild adjustments in tradition.

As to the fact that this Pope eschews lavish trappings, that is a positive and the fact that he is a Jesuit only is slightly troubling. Jesuits have been known in the past to be fairly radical, but Pope Francis doesn't strike me as that type, and the man's smile is something that warms the heart!

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