Friday, March 01, 2013


The pampered spoiled brat who lives in the White House is whining on television about Republicans not being willing to accede to his demands on the budget. Well, you ignorant asshat - that's why they were elected to oppose your sorry self!

Meanwhile, you are spending $180,000 per hour flying around the country trying to get your mindless supporters to put pressure on Congress to do your bidding. Where is the logic in that? Why don't you stay home, listen (really LISTEN) to people smarter than you (practically everyone) who want you to stop raising taxes - a countraproductive activity - and start taking a serious look at the budget and behaving like a true administrator and do what is truly best for the country rather than what would further your leftwing, socialist agenda. Meeting with Republican leadership for SEVEN MINUTES is not negotiating. It's an insult and a sham!

Thank God for those who stand stubbornly athwart the idiocy you propose!

Here's a simple solution. All cuts will be tied to Presidential and Congressional salaries AND budgets, starting immediately. If government workers lose two days pay, then the president and all members of the House and Senate should lose two days pay. If the budget for the Armed Forces is cut 25% - then the budget for the White House should be cut 25%, starting with staffers. Travel budgets should be cut, Michelle Obama's numerous vacations should be severely curtailed and her travel expenses should be eliminated entirely, thereby relieving us of the necessity to see her ugly mug on every damned television show she can weasel her way onto!

Mr. Obama - you are not our Dictator, you are our EMPLOYEE and it's time you started acting like it! Long past time as a matter of fact.

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