Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Last night, the incandescent Julianne Hough joined the judge's panel and was both tough and fair. Good on her and welcome back, dear girl.

As to the dancing, everyone either did a good job or had a lot of fun, sometimes both. As always, Bill Engvall continues to delight and both Amber Riley and Leah Remini are far better than they think they are. Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) is a tiny bundle of energy and charm and I am, to my surprise, enjoying her quite a lot. Likewise Jack Osbourne, another contestant who is better than he believes he is.

Valerie Harper was eliminated last night. Her dancing is far, far below the standard set by the other participants, and although my heart applauds her effort, my head says, if someone far better was cut in order to keep her, it would make the show a travesty. Aside from the rest, I noticed as the weeks have progressed that the physical stress is wearing on her very badly. She is, after all, no spring chicken and with all the charm and determination in the world, that is sometimes difficult to overcome - unless you're Cloris Leachman.

So the show continues to be enjoyable and you'll notice the two "professional" dancers I am not praising. Yes Corbin and Elizabeth are very good but I do not believe for an instant that either of them belongs there or deserves to win. Keep the playing field level and let the Bill Engvall's of the world shine based on their efforts and achievements.

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