Saturday, October 19, 2013


In his never-ending campaign to destroy America (WHY? Because he's INSANE), George Soros appears to be planning to stage some sort of anti-immigration "fly-in" and blame it on Conservative Americans. Sorry George - you've been caught in advance and now it simply will not work.

Why do we permit someone of his ilk to continue to screw around with our nation's sovereignty and overall fiscal and moral health? He's already financed the foisting of the execrable Obama on us, with the help of his bought and paid for useful idiots, and now this.

I am half Hungarian and my Hungarian mother frequently instructed me when I was growing up that I should avoid, like the plague, Hungarian men. She felt they were weak and useless in the main. Mom, you were right! Particularly this Hungarian Jew who, as a boy, assisted in the imprisonment and murder of his fellow Hungarian Jews.

George - take your freakiung self-loathing somewhere else and screw around with China or some other truly evil nation and leave us the hell alone!

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