Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The incendiary language certainly does make the President's call for "CIVILITY" look farcical. So why is he using it?

The U.S. House of Representatives has, constitutionally, the absolute power of the purse. What part of this does our former "constitutional law" professor (instructor, actually) not understand? And is he so committed to the destruction of our way of life that he is willing to reveal himself as thin-skinned, petty and spiteful to do it?

Actually, I believe that Barack Hussein Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is attempting to completely rework the entire way of life of this nation and he is willing to dare anything to do it - unless of course it means giving up his lavish lifestyle.

I truly think he believes that if he is just intransigent enough for long enough, the true owners of this nation - the people of America - will cave in and just go along to get along. He doesn't really know the American people, does he?

I am so sick of hearing Tea Party Republicans used as a perjorative term. And of course, the real reason the left heaps such scorn and condemnation upon the Tea Party is that it scares the living hell out of them - as it should. In their heart of hearts they know without question that they can only go so far and then we will rise up, as a mighty and FREE people and smack their sorry asses down.

I suspect the time is nigh. We'll see what the truckers invasion accomplishes!

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