Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Donald Rumsfeld has been called the most capable and successful Secretary of Defense in our nation’s history. I don’t necessarily know if that is true since I’m no expert on military matters. What I do know is that the calls for his ouster started on practically the first day he showed up at the Defense Department for work and have continued pretty much nonstop since then. What I also know is that this is a man with no patience for fools or knaves and the bureaucracy at the Defense Department and the Pentagon was absolutely loaded with both.

The retired generals who are now calling for his ouster are very likely some of those who had reached their position of entrenched comfort and were not at all pleased when the seldom tactful Donald Rumsfeld showed up with a broom and a new way of doing things! Or they have a book coming out soon. Or both.

Meanwhile, true to his character (and the man has tons of that on his worst day), Rumsfeld continues to run his department and see to it that the will of the Commander in Chief is done. In addition, Rummy has come out swinging, once again proving that you mess with this completely secure and confident man at grave risk.

Mr. Rumsfeld and senior military commanders in Iraq are planning to meet Tuesday with a group of retired officers and civilian analysts as part of an effort by the Pentagon to stanch calls for Mr. Rumsfeld's resignation from a half-dozen retired generals.

Perhaps the most fascinating and comforting thing about this latest flummery by the mainstream media is that the President, at whose pleasure Donald Rumsfeld serves our nation, is quietly proving once again that George W. Bush is a steadfast and utterly loyal human being.

Here’s something else I know. This country is STILL at war and the calls for Donald Rumsfeld’s ouster are detrimental to our nation’s security and the safety and security of our military who are still in harm’s way. SHAME on these leftwing idiots and the mainstream media. The useful idiots of the left keep saying “We oppose the war but we support the troops!”
To that sophistry I have but one word: Bullshit!

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Laura Lee Donoho said...

Gayle! This is great and you express my thoughts so well. My husband and I were stationed in Heidelberg, Germany when Rumsfeld was first installed as Secretary of Defense and I remember well some of the reaction by good officers when they heard that the military establishment as they knew it would be changed.

Some griped about it, others analyzed it but for the most part most made their adjustments as honorable military officers do.

Then they did their best to start the planning. There is no excuse for the retired generals' attacks and the two West Point generals know that.

As plebes at West Point they learn these responses: Yes Sir. No Sir. No excuse Sir. And....Sir, I do not understand. So there is no excuse.