Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The best part of spring is that it’s a chance for a do-over of sorts. Or it should be. If you are a Christian, the Lord has risen from the tomb signaling a rebirth for the human race. Trees are turning green again; flowers are beginning to bloom and the weather isn’t unbearably hot as yet.

I’m compelled to ponder whether there will be a rebirth of our Nation as a result of the blatant attempts to both invade and overwhelm America by the hordes of illegals from the South – as well as other places it can be disturbing to contemplate.

We have been so hammered by the spewing of American self-hatred from the left and Bush Derangement Syndrome that it almost seems it would take more strength than we really have to push back against this blatant attempt to overthrow our way of life.

When I was a little girl, my father explained to me that other nations had underestimated the will and strength of the mainstream American and had lived (or not) to regret that choice. He very firmly told me that people like Josef Stalin would live to regret underestimating us, and that Adolf Hitler and Emperor Hirohito had already done so. I was probably only about 4 years old at the time and the Second World War had only recently ended and my father was responding to my questions about why people were throwing paper out of windows onto the heads of returning American soldiers in the newsreel at our local theatre. (Told you I was OLD! Yes, I remember newsreels.)

Right now, this Spring, I am praying as I’ve never prayed before that my beloved departed father was totally correct in his assessment. I believe our Republic is in growing peril from the invaders of our nation (illegal immigrants) and from the lassitude of our politicians who are too lazy or cynical to defend us.

Let me ask a question – knowing this is likely a logistical impossibility. If 20 million mainland Chinese came streaming into our country, would you politicians consider THAT an act of war? Why then does Vicente Fox get off the hook for encouraging the same activity?


Christi said...

Excellent post, Gayle! You should post it to CAII. :)


I really enjoyed this Ms. Miller...

Thank you...

I have been praying as well.

Boy Michael

Gayle Miller said...

Thanks to both of you. Christi - what is that site you mentioned?