Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Throughout my country, millions of INVADERS are demanding the same rights that I enjoy as an American citizen, without the concomitant responsibilities. And at the same time, the Democratic Party has been and is continuing to do everything in their power to exacerbate this situation for their own POLITICAL GAIN, without regard to the security and safety of our nation up to and including registering these NON-American-citizens to vote.

My question is this: What about the nearly 300 million LEGAL Americans? Where are our rights? Where is our REPRESENTATION? In 1776 this country was founded, at least in part, upon the principle that there would be no taxation without representation. It appears to me - and I suspect to many other Americans - that their elected representatives are not representing their interests, but rather the interests of those who scream loudest and have the least right to do so, never mind paying taxes.

The Republicans in Congress - both houses - have done an appalling job of representing the people who elected them in many areas, but particularly in the area of border security and preventing the influx of ultimately disruptive, lawless and damaging ILLEGAL aliens, particularly from Mexico. And our President, despite his stellar record on most fronts, has seemingly supported this spineless pandering to special interests who don't even have the right to be here.

So what then are we to do? I believe that every Senator and Congressman who is up for reelection this November must be required to speak up clearly and without equivocation on this subject. And then the voters will vote on their reelection accordingly.

In the meantime, those bloviating Democrats like Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, who are PANDERING in the most despicable way to this underclass who are NOT here legally and are thus lawbreakers from the start, no matter what their good intentions may be, really need to be chastised about their absolute disloyalty to American values with clarion tones in no uncertain terms by everyone who believes that to be true.


Laura Lee Donoho said...

You put my thoughts into words and you did it very well. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Every person in America violates the law. We are a nation of lawbreakers. Usually it's a simple tax law, such as not paying income tax on a gift or lottery windfall. Other times it's an environmental law, disposing illegally of oil.

Sure, illegal immigrants broke the law to get here. We broke the law by committing treason against King George III. So we're both criminals from the start.

Who cares? The question is, where do we go from here.

Gayle Miller said...

Anon-that argument is sophistry! Were we immigrants to Mexico, we would have no rights whatsoever, even if we were LEGAL immigrants.

What is happening now is nothing less than an attempt to impose the WILL of non-Americans on American citizens - in other words, take over our country!

And my attitude is - I don't think so!