Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Senator John F. Kerry is preparing or has already submitted new legislation designed to withdraw our troops from Iraq “by a date certain”. The Democrats WANT the “great unwashed public” (that would be US folks) to believe that they are just as capable of pursuing the War on Terror as the Republicans. Which of course is why Senator Kerry has decided to undermine the U.S. war effort – in an effort to make the Democrats relevant. According to that great sage, Senator Kerry: “This will legitimize the new Iraqi government, enable the Iraqis to become more self-reliant, and undermine support for the insurgency."

How Senator Kerry has reached that conclusion I’m sure I can’t tell you. But then this great foreign policy thinker and military tactician (He did serve in Vietnam – for a whole 4 months doncha know – or so he says. Of course, since he won’t release his ENTIRE military record for some odd reason, we can’t confirm any of that!) last made a major effort of this kind when he returned from his less-than-stellar (my characterization and I’m sticking to it) service in Vietnam by first lying about the activities of our troops serving over there in testimony before the U.S. Congress (and thereby earning the well-justified disgust and dislike of the soldiers who served honorably in that conflict – the vast majority - and those of us who were widowed as a result of it). Then Mr. Kerry, while still an active reserve officer, journeyed to Paris to meet with the Vietcong representatives at the peace talks, without the knowledge or consent of the U.S. State Department and in violation of United States law.

But I digress (vehement dislike of John Kerry affects me that way). If I were an insurgent and the U.S. announced that on a specific date it was going to withdraw all or part of its troops from Iraq, I’d just hunker down, build up my resources and wait for that day to launch a major offensive to defeat the nascent Iraqi democracy! Now I’m no policy expert, but I suspect that even a three year old would understand that. But not Senator Kerry and not any of his pals in the Democratic Party.

I don’t understand the antipathy of these quisling traitors to everything this country stands for. Do they not understand that THEIR LIVES are just as much at risk as OUR LIVES? Do they not understand that until we are certain – whenever that is – that the Iraq government can defend and perpetuate itself as a democracy, we would be dishonoring the memories of those who have already died to achieve that result? Or are they THAT craven, that pathetic, that disgusting? Do the members of the current Democratic Party and its support system, including the “old” media, have no appreciation or love for the country that has permitted them to live in a way possible in no other country in this world?

Apparently not! And more’s the pity.

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