Thursday, June 29, 2006


Apparently the poseur from Massachusetts (the junior Senator, not the bloviating, alcohol-soaked senior Senator) has decided that this country still needs him to run for president.

He has apparently decided that the best way to do this is to delve into the Swift Boat Veterans campaign against him in 2004. The lack of judgment displayed by this one decision is proof sufficient that John F. Kerry should NEVER, EVER be president of these United States.

The Swift Boat Veterans are generally described as "discredited" (at least by the DNC-lapdog MSM) when in fact, that is completely untrue. Nearly all of their charges against John F. Kerry were proven to be completely accurate. Moreover, an interesting detail still lingers. That is, Le Fraude promised to release his entire military records. Hasn't happened to date; don't hold your breath. My guess is that Senator Kerry doesn't dare release those records, most particularly because they will reveal a dishonorable discharge based on his violation of UCMJ by traveling to Paris and meeting with the North Vietnamese delegation (a) while we were still at war with North Vietnam and (b) while HE was still on active reserve. Ergo, he doesn't DARE blow his fantasy image of himself as some sort of "war hero" when in fact, he is the precise opposite.

If only for his defamation of his fellow soldiers fighting in Vietnam, he deserves to never, ever be considered for the presidency. And yes, that IS the voice of bitterness. The man I loved was killed toward the end of his third tour of duty in Vietnam. He had been wounded (and not superficial bandaid wounds) four times during those 3 tours and never did he invoke a privilege to come home (and yes, I wish he had). So John Kerry's measely 4 months of (mostly) manuevering to weasel out of his service via superficial if not largely nonexistent war wounds does not impress me.

I don't know if my tired old bones and digestion could take another election season of "I have a plan" John Kerry. Did you ever notice - he always said he "had a plan" but he never told us what that plan consisted of?

I do know that this country has enough problems without adding his regurgitated candidacy to it.


Ben said...

I am not too worried about him anymore. He has no chance in 2008.

Gayle Miller said...

Ben - from your mouth to EVERYBODY'S EAR!