Tuesday, June 13, 2006


There is good reason to believe that perhaps the mainstream media’s rush to judgment on the Haditha story has left a lot to be desired – as in facts. And while the final investigation report is not yet in, it is entirely possible that – as usual – the mainstream media’s unsupported indictment of our Marines was way overblown. Yes, people were killed at Haditha. But it is not now clear whether this was some overreaction by the Marines or whether the insurgents, as is their habit, were sheltering themselves behind women and children as they attacked the Marines. In any event, the story as it first broke is unraveling as we speak.

It must suck to be the mainstream media these days. I mean, Rush Limbaugh was bad enough, but now every alert and intelligent person with access to a computer can blow the MSM’s lying hatchet jobs right out of the water. The Left no longer owns the rights to information and what they did to the United States military at the time of Vietnam cannot be replicated unchallenged.

I do lay a lot of the blame for this story at the feet of Rep. Murtha. It occurs to me that it would be a “good thing” if the families of all the active military (particularly Marine families) in his district would go door to door campaigning for his opponent and while doing so, expose him for the lying cretin he is!

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Gere P. said...

I agree, we should all be seeking the truth when it comes to what happened in Haditha. Murtha did go off the deep end. Politics is a dirty sport. Dirty on BOTH sides.

I am getting tired of the "evil mainstream media" bit, though. I can deal with it if you admit that Fox News is part of the mainstream media. Everyone seems to exclude them from that classification; even though they are the most popular news channel, right?