Tuesday, October 02, 2007


According to Fox News today, Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin feels that the Democrats "have had it with being maneuvered and jerked around" on the war in Iraq so he said he will not allow a bill to come for debate to provide emergency supplemental funds for the war and suggested Americans should be compelled to pay for it through a "surtax."

You seditious creep – who in the name of hell do you think is paying for the war NOW? Are you under the impression that money for that war is materializing in some great “government funds station” in the sky? The American people have paid for this war from the start . What a completely asinine and arrogantly self-righteous piece of stupidity for him to allow out of his mouth!

"The president isn't going to get a supplemental this year. I am not going to report a supplemental out" if it simply is a request for funds and not a change in direction for troops in Iraq,"

Obey said.

You just knock yourself out Rep. Obey. When the time comes for re-election, we WILL remember and be sure that your constituents who were credulous enough to vote you into office the last time, will be disgusted enough by your current ignorant blatheringss to vote you out of office. The nice thing about electing an idiot to the House is that you can get rid of your idiot fairly quickly.

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